Why I love a 6 month photo session

It’s no surprise that 2020 has made me rethink my workflow, but one thing that I’ve absolutely loved is being able to book the wildly underrated 6 month photo session.

Newborn photo shoots in general have started to skew a little older, since many parents are preferring to wait until after vaccinations for me to come into the home, and hospitals are just starting to let visitors in for fresh 48s.

But there’s something really special about an “in between” session, and I want to share why I think they’re underrated! So without further ado, here are 6 reasons why a 6 month photo session is so spectacular:

1. Your baby is at the cutest chunky stage!

Ok I love a baby with cheeks and thighs so maybe I’m biased, but 6 months is the perfect age for photos. At this stage your baby has probably doubled their birth weight, which means their faces are round, cheeks are rosy, and they look like perfect little cherubs.

A family photo session with an adorable smiley baby girl in Brooklyn, New York. In one photo she rests on her dad's shoulder, and in another she sits upright by herself on a grey rocking chair. She has the roundest face, chunky cheeks, and big thigh rolls.

2. They’re mobile (but not too mobile)!

By now your little one is sitting up sturdy, rolling over, and might even be close to crawling, and these mobile milestones all make for amazing photos. But they’re not so active that they’re scooting or walking, so they’re easy to corral. Trust me, you’ll know what I mean when you’ve got a toddler running away from you during a family session!

A fall family photo session featuring a six-month-old girl outside her home in New Jersey. She is sitting up unsupported on a grey blanket outside. The fall foliage is vibrant behind her. She is wearing a faux fur jacket, floral dress, and a red hair bow.

3. Those teeny tiny teefs!

There’s something really sweet and special about your baby’s exploration with food. It’s a great “activity” or “prop” to introduce during a photo session, and simultaneously captures a milestone in their life. Plus, can we talk about those sweet baby teeth?? This is a two-for-one win! I know teething isn’t necessarily the most fun milestone, but at 6 months you just might catch a glimpse of your baby’s first teeth and that’s something to remember!

An outdoor lifestyle session with a biracial family in Dumbo, Brooklyn. In the top photo the baby boy is holding onto his parents hands in order to stand up, and in the second photo his dad has scooped him up. They stand in front of Jane's Carousel by the East River. The baby smiles at the camera and shows off his two brand new baby teeth.

4. They play favorites.

I don’t usually like to bring in toys or cheesy props to my photo sessions, but this is definitely an exception to that rule. At 6 months, your baby might have a favorite lovey, and they’ll light up when they play with it. Need I say more??

An overhead photo of a six-month-old boy at a lifestyle family session in a Brooklyn brownstone apartment. He reaches up toward the camera, smiling, as he holds onto his favorite stuffed animal toy bear.

5. They’ll hold your hand!

With all the reaching and grabbing your 6-month-old is doing, they’ll likely grab onto your hand throughout the session. Cue the heart bursting music.

A lifestyle family photo session in Central Park in New York City. The top photo is a close up detail shot of a baby girl holding her mom's hand. The bottom photo is an overhead shot of the family on a blanket in Central Park. She looks up at the camera, still holding her mom's hand, as her dad looks at her lovingly. She chews on her free hand and tucks her legs up into the "Happy Baby" yoga pose.

6. If you bundle, you get a discount!!

And how can you say no to a discount!? A lot of my 6 month sessions are bundled with either a maternity or a newborn shoot, and when you book multiple sessions at once you get a discount! Plus it takes all the planning and scheduling off your plate early on. I know how crazy it can be when you have an infant in your life, so booking a 6 month session while you’re still pregnant means that you get to just enjoy life knowing that you’re ahead of schedule!

And here’s a bonus:

If you want to book a family video session, 6-month-old babies make the cutest babbling sounds. They’re really getting talkative as they learn how to communicate, and trust me when I say you’ll want to remember all those little sounds.

There’s really no right or wrong time to have family photos taken. So whether you’re still expecting and you’re looking ahead, or you “missed” the newborn window, consider booking a 6 month session!

Your baby will grow so quickly in the first year, and develop so much in the first 6 months alone. Trust me when I say that the little moments and milestones will slip by and before you know it your baby is walking, talking, and ready to conquer the world independently.

So go ahead and book that session and have a piece of your baby captured in time forever – trust me when I say you won’t regret it!

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Why I love a 6 month photo session

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