One year of photography in a pandemic

I can’t believe it’s been one year! One year since we first heard about Coronavirus. One year since we packed away our jeans and makeup and traded them for sweatpants and masks. One year since we started homeschooling and virtual learning and ripping our hair out. I mean one year ago I hadn’t even heard of Zoom and now I’m using it as a verb??

As a photographer, I was really worried about how COVID would impact my business. I’ve had to learn and adapt in ways I never expected. Here are some of the biggest obstacles I encountered and how I overcame them!


I specialize in in-home photo sessions and guess what was one of the first things to get cancelled??


Well this one was a no-brainer! I sucked it up and started working outside a lot more. I didn’t really have much of a choice! I started driving and walking to shoots rather than taking the train or a cab. I started doing porch and stoop sessions, which I now love so much I think I’m going to keep doing them! I figured out where the best hidden photo spots were in Brooklyn. It admittedly took a little adjusting to figure out the right timing and lighting for my outdoor sessions, but once I got the hang of it, I really started to enjoy it.

A porch session done outdoors in New Jersey during the Covid 19 pandemic. A little girl in a pink dress sits with her parents on the steps of their green shingled New Jersey home.


I am super hands on!!! Like I’ve said before, as a lifestyle photographer I’m an active participant in each session.


Oooh it has been very hard, but I’ve learned to back away! I’m still a sucker for close-up moments and photos, so I’ve been working with different lenses to try and get that same feeling without getting too close. Obviously safety is key, so I’ve also had to train myself to explain and demonstrate rather than just jump in and use my hands to fix a stray hair or move someone’s awkward hand.

The cutest little girl with a quarantine haircut. I'm still able to get close up photos during my outdoor lifestyle sessions while remaining 6 feet away.


We all have to wear masks now!


Obviously I’m not going to ask you to wear your masks in the photos (unless you want one or two just for posterity)! But whether I’m inside or outside, near or far, I remain masked up for the whole session. And it’s definitely been a bit of a learning curve!

Do I fog up my viewfinder? Constantly!

Am I smiling like a fool behind my mask? Duh. You just maybe can’t tell!

Do I think my words get muddled a bit? Yeah probably!

Am I worried that a newborn won’t be able to tell that I’m not a threat? Every single time. I’m really good with babies but it breaks my heart to think that they might think I’m scary!

But is it worth it? Yes, 100%. I don’t care if I’m uncomfortable or look silly or have to repeat myself; your safety is way more important to me.

Photography looks a little different during the Covid 19 pandemic. Four different families take photos while wearing masks. It's a good reminder of the world we're in right now!

So all things considered?

I feel really lucky that I was able to adapt my workflows to fit this new world we’re living in. I count my blessings every time I get a new inquiry, because it means that you value photography as both an experience and a captured memory, and you trust me to keep your family safe while creating that.

So I will proudly get my second dose of the vaccine this week, while continuing to quarantine, get tested, and wipe down all my gear with alcohol pads before and after every session. It’s the least I can do to continue doing what I love for the clients that deserve it!

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One year of photography in a pandemic

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