My favorite locations for outdoor family photos in Brooklyn

Maybe I’m biased, but Brooklyn is my favorite place in the world, especially when it comes to family photos. There’s an abundance of locations, both hidden gems and iconic landmarks, and you really can’t go wrong! And although I typically prefer in-home photo sessions, I get it, in the fall everyone wants to know where are the best outdoor photo locations in Brooklyn.

So if you want my personal opinion, here are the best locations for outdoor photos in Brooklyn, for every type of family.

For the family that wants the iconic backdrop.

Without a doubt I would say that the Brooklyn Bridge is my favorite backdrop for *iconic* Brooklyn photos. It’s beautiful, it’s charming, it’s recognizable…and it’s walking distance from my apartment!

The trick is to go really early in the morning so it’s not packed with people. That way you’re not dodging tourists or bikers, and your photos look like you have the city to yourself.

Another perk? It dumps you out right in the beautiful neighborhood of Dumbo, where you’ve got old cobblestone streets and spectacular waterfront views. Plus there’s a super fun carousel to ride at the end of the shoot! It’s a win-win-win!

Family photos on the Brooklyn Bridge.

For the family who wants max photos for minimal effort.

Just around the corner from location #1 is the aptly named Brooklyn Bridge Park. This park is my favorite spot for family photos when you want as much variety in one location as possible.

At just one pier we can get pictures with the water, New York City skyline, lush greenery, and giant climbing rocks. A location with this many backdrops will keep us moving and before your kiddos can say “I’m bored” we’ll be onto the next thing.

Because of this, Brooklyn Bridge Park is definitely one of my favorite spots for Mini Sessions.

Fall family photos in Brooklyn Bridge Park - with views of the NYC skyline plus gorgeous fall foliage.

For the family who might be feeling a little camera-shy.

Now this one might seem like a trick question because there isn’t *one* specific spot, but my favorite way to get someone to warm up for photos is to be somewhere where they feel very comfortable. So whether this is your kids’ favorite playground, a walk that you take to school, or your local cafe, whatever it is for your family let’s do something that feels like your routine.

But if I had to pick one specific spot that works every time? I’d probably go with Verandah Place in Cobble Hill. It’s a quiet little one way, mostly pedestrian street and it’s perfect for those families who want a peaceful, easy start to the session.

Honestly, this might be one of my favorite outdoor photo locations in Brooklyn for the fall.

My favorite hidden spot for family photos in Brooklyn - Verandah Place.

For the family with a kid on the move!

You just can’t go wrong with Prospect Park! Similar to Brooklyn Bridge Park, we can get a lot crammed in on a very short walk. So if you’ve got a little one who is just starting to be mobile, Prospect Park may be a great option for your family photos.

We can still move around and get tons of different backdrops, but since the park is so vast, the pathways tend to be more protected and a little less busy than BBP. Perfect for your little explorer!

A family session with a one year old means we're on the go, go go! Prospect Park offers so much for a little one who is feeling mobile.

So there you have it! My go-to outdoor photo locations in Brooklyn. If after this you are still stumped on where to take family photos in Brooklyn, just shoot me a message! We’ll brainstorm together to find a place that fits your interests and family dynamic. Trust me, there’s a perfect spot for everyone!

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My favorite locations for outdoor family photos in Brooklyn

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