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Samantha Okazaki finds calm in total chaos, which actually bodes quite well in her line of work! Sam is a multimedia producer for NBC News’ TODAY Show, where no one day is the same as the next. She could be photographing the anchors kick off the morning with a hard news interview and suddenly there’s a puppy posing with a baby and a muppet. She’ll be off filming a 30-second social interview with a celebrity and then shooting a long-form feature piece for a sponsored series. She’s designing a Snapchat filter one moment and flying off to The White House in the blink of an eye. She loves a good challenge! Sam's versatility, creativity, attention to detail and appetite for adventure are what get her through each day - plus a good cold brew - and she is confident in her ability to make others feel as comfortable around the camera as she does.

Prior to TODAY, Sam worked out of Washington, DC at Ripple Effect Images, where she had to the privilege to work beside award-winning photographers like Annie Griffiths, Lynn Johnson and Ami Vitale, as well as partner with the multimedia production company, MediaStorm. Her work can be seen in People, Billboard Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, USA Today, and Shape Magazine.

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